Sediment and Erosion Control

Sumas Remediation is at the forefront of sediment control system design and implementation. We have different types of sediment control systems, each of which can be adjusted to meet your site requirements.  System includes:

Mechanical Filtration
Sumas Remediation’s Mechanical Filtration System works by using a system of holding tanks, sand filters and bag filters to filter out sediment.

Chemical Injection
Chemical injection systems are used to remove fine sediment particles or dissolved substances such as iron.

WetSep System
On many construction sites, available space for a water treatment system can be a problem. The Sumas WetSep system is ideal for these situations, as it is compact and can be set up quickly. The WetSep has three components: the chemical preparation unit, the Impinging Stream Reactor (ISR) and the Universal Processing Chamber (UPC).

Typical Sediment and Erosion Control Services

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