Katzie Slough

Project Habitat Restoration: Multiphase
Client Katzie First Nations
Location Pitt Meadows, BC
Date May 2010 – July 2010
Phases 1. Channel Construction
2. Restoration of Banks
3. Fish Habitat Enhancement

The widening of Highway 7 caused harmful disruption and destruction of the land surrounding the Katzie Slough. To offset this, the Ministry of Transportation along with Fisheries and Oceans Canada recommended restoration of the fish habitat. Sumas Remediation was brought on board  to provide project management, restoration and replanting along the banks.

The project consisted of construction of a new finger channel leading to a large pond, which connects to the slough. The new channel is 260 metres long and the pond is 3,084 m2, which incorporated an additional 1,007 m2 of marsh benches, and 1,995 m2 of channel slopes, for at total of 6,086 mof aquatic habitat, in conjunction with 5,025 m2 of riparian habitat enhancement.

Project Highlights

  • Clearing, Grubbing and Off-Site Disposal
  • Installation of Silt Fencing
  • Installation of Temporary Bridge
  • Excavation, Shaping of Channel and Pond areas
  • Marsh Benches
  • Dewatering
  • Topsoil Placement
  • Installation of LWD
  • Riparian Planting (Approx 8,000 pcs).

 Project Photos

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