Jericho Beach

Project Environmental Contracting: Beach Restoration
Client City of Vancouver
Location Jericho Beach, Vancouver, BC
Date May-August, 2012
Phases 1. Storm Drain Repair and Replacement
2. Previous Wharf Pile Removal
3. Foreshore Grading and Rip-Wrap Placement

Under the direction of City of Vancouver and Park Board, Sumas Remediation Services was contracted to restore the upland, beach and woodland areas in and around Jericho Beach.

This multiphase project involved the repair and replacement of broken storm drains and manholes, the removal of existing piles, and grading and landscaping of existing woodland areas.

Working within the tidal zone and in conjunction with stringent environmental monitoring, Sumas was able to maintain a safe and sustainable habitat for the wildlife and native plant species.

In addition, Sumas met critical milestones and scheduled timelines that coincided with the City of Vancouver’s prescheduled Vancouver Folk Festival.

Project Highlights (to date)

  • storm drain repair and manhole installation
  • foreshore protection and beach cleanup
  • site grading and landscaping
  • invasive plant removal
  • removal of 6,000 tons of soil for Vancouver  Folk Festival

Pending Project Tasks (August 2012)

  • soil amendment and debris removal
  • replanting of trees and native plants
  • public trail and beach access upgrades

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